Web Learning Series

Recorded Webinar: Herbicide Best Practices for Oregon Forests

Learn about herbicide best practices on your schedule at home or in the office. Senior foresters share their best practices for herbicide applications and working with new regulations. Subject matter experts discuss the science behind controlling a broad range of weeds and brush. In-cockpit helicopter footage shows the latest application techniques and demonstrates GPS technologies. The 4 separate videos cover: 1.) Why we spray, 2.) Pre-operations planning, 3.) Managing the day of the event and 4.) Being a good neighbor.

Unlimited access to all the videos is available through a one-time registration fee of $100/viewer. After registration, a web link and password will be sent out. Use the red click here to register button or call 503-226-4562 to register over the phone. WFCA accepts checks, purchase orders, and credit cards. Pesticide recertification credits are not available with this Web TV Series.

Each video is 2 hours in length and includes presentations, field footage and panel discussions. Over 25 industry experts provided their knowledge and experience to help design a practical and relevant set of videos.

Program 1
Why do we Spray? (ASSESS)
This program will start by discussing why we spray, examine a variety of situational scenarios and application techniques, which plants to control, and ground water issues to consider. We’ll address questions like: • Why do we spray and why is it important to do it right? • What are issues, challenges and workload associated with different spraying situations? • How can proactive outreach help protect your organization? • What are the various application techniques in use? • What herbicides are most effective on different types of plants? • What are possible issues related to ground water?
Program 2
Pre-Operations Planning (PLAN)
This program will cover working with spray contractors including training, pre-flight checklists, shared responsibilities and compliance. We’ll address: • Proactive compliance and regulatory resources • Review of pre-flight checklists and ground support plans • Detailed planning from T-minus 12 weeks • How to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations • Where to find detailed resources and checklists
Program 3
Managing the Day of Event (EXECUTE)
This program will review final pre-ops, detailed spray day project plans, post-op protocols, and crisis management and regulatory concerns. We’ll address: • All the components that need to be considered • Breaking down pre-, during- and post-job considerations and sequencing • Appropriate record keeping • Considerations specific to aerial and ground jobs • Regulatory accountabilities • Safety and crisis management
Program 4
Being a Good Neighbor
This program will examine what protocols should be in place to minimize adverse effects to those neighboring your spray site. Included are: • Review of established “good neighbor” protocols • State recordkeeping requirements • Good neighbor “success stories” • Addressing categories of concern • Summary of current and future laws and regulation

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