Optional Workshop – Growth Rings: Professional Development and Communication Skills

Start Date: January 23, 2019
Location: Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, WA

Course offered by the Western Forestry & Conservation Association (WFCA) and the Forisk Continuing Education Program (FCEP)

9:00 AM

  • How to Deliver a Presentation in a Variety of Settings
    This session includes an overview of what forestry communicators have gotten right and wrong (“the good, the bad, the ugly”). Then we review how to deliver a talk (presentation) under a range of circumstances.
  • How to Answer Questions After a Presentation
    Encouraging and answering questions from the audience completes a presentation. This session includes a framework and approach for handling Q&A and includes a group activity to practice this key communication skill.
  • How to Make Comments in a Public Setting (and How to Make an Effective “Pitch”)
    This session provides a framework for organizing, supporting and delivering a key point in real time at a meeting or conference. We also discuss the components of delivering an effective pitch, of having a plan to maximize the success and receptiveness of what you might propose to executives or customers.

Noon Lunch (included with registration)

1:00 PM

  • How to Give (and Receive) Feedback
    In this session, we review the importance of clearly communicating and reinforcing expectations. Session includes examples from sports and forestry, and a hands-on small group activity, along with guidance for “both sides of the table.”
  • How to Take Notes at Work, Time Management and Setting Priorities
    Being effective is, in great part, a function of how we manage our time and focus our energy. This session is about time management, setting priorities and capturing information during meetings and conferences. The way we take notes and organize information either reinforces or confuses priorities and calendar management.
  • How to Stay Current and Informed Inside and Outside of the Forest Industry
    How do successful forest investors and managers stay current? This session reviews key forestry data sets along with recommendations and examples of what to read. The discussion reinforces the habit of reading to stay informed, current (and Interesting).

3:00 Adjourn

About this Event
Who Should Attend?
Forestry consultants and analysts, managers and business owners, team leaders and anyone else who needs to manage teams or supplier relationships; pitch ideas or proposals; deliver feedback or educational information; or further develop their leadership skills. The course includes interactive exercises and take-home materials with content relevant to (1) frontline and administrative staff that communicate directly with the public and contractors and (2) corporate managers and staff that manage corporate functions.

What Will You Learn?
This course is ideal for career development and maximizing the profitability of business activities. We review, discuss and practice key skills for making decisions, communicating with groups and individuals, evaluating information, and setting priorities. You will learn how to:
 1. Strengthen decision-making skills as a manager and leader; and
 2. Communicate more effectively with (1) groups, whether internal or external, and (2) individuals including colleagues, managers, direct reports and contractors.

Registration Information
Registration Pricing:

The registration fee for the optional 1/23/19 workshop is $450 on or before 1/8/19 or $575 after 1/8/19 and includes reference materials and lunch.

Checks should be made payable to Western Forestry and Conservation Association. Purchase orders, VISA/MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Tax id # 930-331-712.

Cancellations received on or before 1/8/18 are subject to a 15% service charge. Cancellations after 1/8/18 will be charged the entire registration fee, but substitutions are always welcome.

Group Discount:
Register 3 or more people from your organization and get 10% off each person’s registration fee. To redeem the discount, call Melinda at 503-226-4562 or use the contact form below.

About the Instructor
Dr. Brooks Mendell is CEO and Founder of Forisk Consulting, a timber market research firm that delivers forecasts and analysis of forest industry markets, timber investments and wood baskets. Brooks has over twenty-five years of operating, research, and consulting experience. This includes roles in harvest operations and wood procurement with Weyerhaeuser, in management consulting with Accenture and in academia at the University of Georgia. Brooks delivers 40 to 50 presentations and workshops per year on topics related to forest finance and timberland investing, timber market analysis, forecasting, communication skills and professional development. A Fulbright Scholar, Brooks’ forestry-related books include “Loving Trees is Not Enough”, “Forest Finance Simplified”, “Wood for Bioenergy” (co-authored with Amanda Lang) and Aunt Fanny Learns Forestry: Managing Timberland as an Investment. Brooks earned BS and MS degrees at M.I.T., an MBA at the University of California at Berkeley, and a PhD in Forest Finance at UGA.

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