Great Plains Grassland Summit Agenda

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Draft List of Co-Leaders for Breakout Sessions

Tuesday, April 10

8:30 amIntroduction and Welcome Address
  Opening Address 1:   Brian Ferebee, Regional Forester, Rocky Mountain Region, Lakewood, CO (Abstract PDF)
  Opening Address 2:   Keith Sexson, First Vice-President, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Pratt, KS (Abstract PDF)

9:30Review of Summit GoalsDeborah M. Finch, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station (Abstract PDF)
Join us to learn more about challenges and opportunities facing land managers of Great Plains grasslands. Take part in our discussion by providing input on ideas for future actions and research needed to sustain and restore the grasslands you care about.

10:00   Break

Science-Management Syntheses – What Do We Know and What Can We do About the Following Key Issues and Drivers in the Great Plains?
10:30Working Lands PresentationKen Tate, Univ. California, Davis (Abstract PDF)
11:00Invasive PlantsJohn Gaskin, USDA Agricultural Research Service (Abstract PDF)
11:30Native Species & BiodiversityDavid Augustine, USDA Agricultural Research Service (Abstract PDF)

12:00 pm   Lunch

1:00Fire PresentationSam Fuhlendorf, Oklahoma State University (Abstract PDF)
1:30Climate, Weather and Water PresentationDennis Ojima, Colorado State Univ. (Abstract PDF)
2:00Energy DevelopmentJackie Ott, USDA Forest Service Research (Abstract PDF)
2:30Overview of Objectives for Break-out Sessions

  • Working Lands
  • Invasive Species
  • Native Species
  • Fire
  • Climate, Weather and Water
  • Energy Development

3:00 pm   Break and Move to Breakout Groups

3:30   Continue in Breakout Groups
5:30   Adjourn

6:00 pm   Poster Session and Social

Wednesday, April 11

8:00 am   General Session: Review of Day 1 Session
8:30   Break into Concurrent Breakout Sessions

  • Working Lands
  • Invasive Species
  • Native Species
  • Fire
  • Climate, Weather and Water
  • Energy Development

12:00 pm   Lunch

1:00   General Session: Report-out of Breakout Groups
1:00   Working Lands
1:15   Invasive Species
1:30   Native Species
1:45   Fire
2:00   Climate, Weather and Water
2:15   Energy Development

2:30   Break

3:00   Full Group Discussion of Action Plan
4:30   Review of Follow-up Plans

5:00   Close