Women in Forest Management Steering Committee Meeting

Start Date: March 1, 2024
Location: Virtual via Zoom

Women in Forest Management meeting agenda

Friday, March 1st | 10am – 12pm PST

Welcome (5 min)

  • Greetings
  • Meeting format and procedure

Introductions (15 min)

Background and Why? (15 min)

Goals for the group (20 min)

How to be involved (20 min)

  • Steering committee
  • General expectations for Steering committee participation
  • Steering committee selection process
  • Other ways to be involved

Questions (5 min)

Next steps (10 min)

During this meeting, we will discuss the impetus for starting WIFM, solicit information and feedback from you to help shape the goals for the group, and share details on the steering committee selection process as well as other ways to be involved. Please see the agenda for more details.

Because we have a large group, we will be using Menti as the primary way to participate, which can be accessed on a smart phone or desktop browser. We are budgeting for approximately one and half hours, but we may take the full two hours depending on amount of group participation.

About the Conference

WFCA and Green Diamond Resource Company invite you to the Women in Forest Management Steering Committee Meeting, Friday, March 1st, 10am - 12pm PST.

Virtual via Zoom

Creating a space for female forestry professionals to learn and practice their craft in a supportive, inclusive environment.

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