Western Region Council on Forest Engineering Seminar

Start Date: January 14, 2016
Location: Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR

Thursday, January 14, 2016


0700 – 0815    Registration and Continental Breakfast (Included with registration)

0815 – 0830    Introduction to Western Region COFE & Seminar Jeff Wimer, Chair, WR.COFE & OSU FERM Department


0830-0900       Protecting the Logging Workforce: Development of Innovative Logging Techniques for a Safer Working Environment Kevin Boston, Oregon State University

0900 – 0930     Building a Dual Purpose System Steep Slope Machine Bruce Skurdahl, Summit Machinery

0930 – 1000     New Zealand Cable-Assist in the Pacific Northwest Frank Chandler Jr., C & C Logging

1000 – 1010    Blount / Oregon Cutting Systems update

1010 – 1040    BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

1040 – 1050    Peterson CAT update


1050 – 1120    Wayne Stone Logging – Extreme Downhill Show Jason Colter, Student, Oregon State University

1120 – 1150    Skyline Tension Monitoring Systems Why, What, and How? Brian Tuor, Cable Logging Specialist

1150 – 1200    Triad Machinery / Link-Belt update

1200 – 1240    LUNCH (Provided)

1240 – 1310    ANNOUNCEMENTS, Ticket Raffle, OSU Student Scholarship Awards –  Jerry Sedlak Memorial Scholarship – Loren Kellogg

1310 – 1320    Pape’ Machinery update


1320 – 1350    3D Laser Vest Richard Gabriel, Spectrum Geomatix


1350 – 1420    FE Licensure Update Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying

1420 – 1430    Vendor Update

1430 – 1500    BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

1500 – 1530      Federal Forest Management Affects All Oregonians, Especially Private Timberland Owners Bob Ragon, Douglas Forest Operators

1530 – 1600    State Historic Preservation Office Jason Robison, Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe

1600 – 1630    Oregon Department of Forestry Riparian Rule Analysis Terry Frueh, Oregon Department of Forestry

1630 – 1645    Wrap-Up and Evaluation Jeff Wimer

About the Conference
WR.COFE is a regional chapter (western United States and British Columbia) of the COUNCIL ON FOREST ENGINEERING (COFE). COFE is an international professional organization formed to foster the development of forest engineering in industry, government, and education in order to promote the best methods of managing and operating forests, both private and public. COFE serves the forestry profession by disseminating technical information about forest engineering. For more information, see the COFE website at: www.cofe.org.

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