Washington Qualified Expert Roundup

Start Date: May 14, 2024

Tuesday, May 14

8:30-9:00          Workshop Overview and Introductions

9:00-9:15          Qualified Experts (QE) List Requirements 

9:15-10:00        QE Report Requirements and Guidance

10:00-10:15      Break

10:15-10:45      Overview of Common Unstable Slopes Rules Interpretations

10:45 – 11:15    Rule Interpretation Discussion: Inner Gorge Case Study

11:15-12:00      Rule Interpretation Discussion: Bedrock Hollows and Convergent HeadwallsCase Study

12:00-1:00        Lunch

1:00-2:00          Rule Interpretation Discussion: Glacial Deep-Seated Landslides and Groundwater Recharge AreasCase Study

2:00-3:00          Rule Interpretation Discussion: Category E Case Study

3:00-3:15          Break

3:15-3:45          Forest Practices Interdisciplinary Teams

3:45-4:00          Day 1 Discussion and Wrap-Up

5:30-8:00          Social Hour 


Wednesday, May 15

8:00-8:45          Rule Interpretation Discussion: Alluvial Fans  – Case Study

8:45-9:30          WGS Landslide Hazards Program Overview 

9:30-10:30        History of Forest Practices Adaptive Management Research and Unstable Slopes Rules and Guidance

10:30-10:45      Break

10:45-11:30      Emerging Technology for Evaluating Landslide Susceptibility and Risk

11:30-12:00      Current CMER Research: Unstable Slopes Criteria Project

12:00-1:00        Lunch

1:00-1:30          Current CMER Research: Deep-Seated Landslide Research Strategy

1:30-2:00          Application of Emerging Technology used for Forest Practice Applications

2:00-2:15          Break

2:15-3:00          Future Workshops and Wrap-Up

About the Conference
This invite-only, expert roundup includes Washington Qualified Experts and Experts in Training. The meeting's objectives include:
  • Clarifying slope stability rules
  • Understanding Qualified Expert report expectations
  • Discussing emerging technologies and research