Skyline Layout, Management and Logging Safety

Start Date: February 10, 2020
Location: Springfield, OR

Monday, February 10, 2020
8:00   Workshop Introductions and Overview

8:15   Unit Layout – How to layout a unit

  • Different levels of harvest planning
  • What is successful skyline harvesting?
  • Review of cable systems and skyline carriages
  • Logging around streams
  • Laying out a unit with unstable steep slopes

10:00   Break

10:15   Payload, Productivity and Efficiency

  • Skyline deflection – Safe working Loads
  • Factors that influence productivity
  • Understanding wire rope characteristics
  • Variables affecting skyline deflection

11:45   Lunch (included with registration)

12:45   Skyline Logging Landings

  • How landing layout affects productivity
  • Managing wood flow through the landing
  • Deploying yarder guylines
  • Placement of stump anchors
  • Multi-stump Anchors
  • Machine anchors

2:15   Break

2:30   Rigging Tail and Intermediate Trees

  • When and where to use
  • Design and layout of tail trees
  • Model demonstration for plotting trees
  • Field cards for unit layout

3:15   SkylineXL software

  • Introduction to SkylineXL
  • Determining skyline payloads

4:15   Wrap-up

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
8:00   Logging Safety

  • What unit layout can do for unit safety
  • Review of major watch-out situations

9:30   Break

10:00   Tethered Assist

  • A game changer for logging safety?

12:00   Lunch (included with registration)

1:00   Cut-to-length Logging

  • Economic viability: Higher upfront costs with improved safety and decreased stand and soil damage.
  • Steep slope harvesting

2:00   Workshop review and summary

2:30   Workshop adjourns

About the Conference
This workshop will be held at the Holiday Inn Express located at 919 Kruse Way, Springfield, OR. The hotel is located at Exit 195 off I-5 in Springfield. The hotel can be reached at (541) 284-0707.

About the Speaker
Jeff Wimer currently works as a senior instructor at Oregon State University where he manages the Student Logging Program. Prior to OSU he worked for his family’s logging and trucking company in Albany, OR. Wimer Logging Co. ran 4 tower sides and had 48 trucks. Jeff serves as chairman of the Western Regional Council on Forest Engineering, is past President of the Oregon Logging Conference and the Pacific Logging Congress. Jeff also serves on the OR OSHA forest activities code committee.