Forest Export Markets: Opportunities in Japan and China

Start Date: December 18, 2012
Location: Portland, OR

Link to PDF version of conference materialsPortland, OR USA
December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
9:00 Conference Welcome
9:10 Overview of Asian Markets and Fiber Supply ― Hank Ekstrom, Wood Resources International LLC, Seattle, WA. This presentation will cover the demand for imports of logs, woodchips, wood products and pulp in the key Asian markets of China, Japan, South Korea and India. Market share of US exporters will be discussed relative to supplies from competing regions such as Russia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
9:40 The Impact of Russian Log Exports on Asian Markets ― Paul Owen, Vanport International, Boring, ORWhat are the implications of Russia being accepted into the World Trade Organization? Will Russia slash or eliminate log export tariffs making their logs more affordable to China? Theoretically, that action could undercut North American log exports and China could lean less on the US and Canada for logs.
10:10 Break
10:40 Logs Exports Under an Uncertain Chinese Economy: Understanding Key Economic IndicatorsJohn Perez-Garcia, Center for International Trade in Forest Products, University of Washington, Seattle, WAThis presentation will address two strategic business questions: Under what conditions will China continue to import US softwood logs?  What is the likelihood that these conditions will continue into the future?  The answer lies in an examination of the important factors in log trading and a focus on key economic indicators to discern possible future trends . . . all with a focus on China.
11:15 Moving Logs to Asia: Shipping Logistics, Options and Port Capabilities – Tom Leeds, Pacific Lumber & Shipping, Seattle, WA
Noon Lunch
1:00 The US as a Brand Name in Chinese Forest Products Markets ― Xu Fang, American Softwoods China Office, Shanghai, China.  In-person Interview by Eric Hansen, Wood Science and Engineering Department, College of Forestry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
1:30 How to Finance Your Exports and Mitigate Risk: Tools for Both Pre-shipment and Post-shipment Finance ― Bryan Hicks and Tony Liebo, Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank, Seattle, WA
2:00 Break
2:20 Managing Phytosanitary Issues in Log Exports– Cindy Cooper, aPlant Services, WA Dept. of Agriculture, Olympia, WA. Each year Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) trade measures play an increasingly critical role in shaping the flow of U.S. global trade. China has previously acted to suspend log shipments from S. Carolina and Virginia due to the presence of pests. PNW log exporters will need to stay ahead of this curve.
2:45 Timber in an Uncertain Global Economy – Dr. Bill Conerly, Conerly Consulting, Lake Oswego, ORDr. Bill Conerly will address the demand for Northwest timber, including domestic uses and the export markets in Asia. Along the way he’ll explain the best practices for handling the tremendous uncertainty about the global economic outlook.
3:15 Adjourn