Access, Easements, Rights-of-Way and Timber Trespass: What Every Forest Manager Needs to Know

Start Date: April 16, 2014
Location: Grand Mound, WA

Same agenda in 2 locations: Springfield, OR – April 16, 2014 and Grand Mound, WA – September 25, 2014

About the Workshop

Securing adequate access to your timberland is critical for management activities and harvesting. And when you grant access over your property, it is just as critical to protect your rights and limit your obligations.

This workshop will help you understand the basic issues governing permits, easements, and rights-of-way, as well as help you identify pitfalls in negotiating agreements. This session will also help you understand timber trespass and learn ways to reduce your chances of being a victim or committing timber trespass.


[table]8:30 AM|Basics of Easement Law
|Duties and Liabilities Grantors and Grantees
|Crafting a Solid Easement Agreement; Pitfalls To Avoid
|Easements of a Different Feather: Licenses, Permits and Profits a Prendre
10:00 AM|Break
10:30 AM|Prescriptive Easements: Avoiding Rights Arising in Others
|Easements By Necessity: Dealing with Landlocked Parcels
|Minerals Issues: Surface and Subsurface Rights
|Conservation Easements
Noon|Lunch (included with registration)
1:00 PM|Road Maintenance Cost Sharing
|Recreational Users and Trespassers: A Primer on Liability
|Right to Farm/Forestry
|Timber Trespass Overview
2:30 PM|Break
2:45 PM|Timber Trespass Damages and Insurance
|How to Avoid Timber Trespass
|Fire Issues: Protection, Suppression and Liability
4:00 PM|Adjourn

About the Speakers

Gregory Fullem is a shareholder in the Real Estate group of Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, focusing his practice on ‎forest products and timberlands transactions, natural resources law and large scale ‎conservation easement projects. He regularly provides counsel regarding dispositions ‎and acquisitions of real property, leasing transactions, access agreements, financing, ‎long term timber and fiber supply agreements, working forest conservation ‎easements, timber harvest issues, carbon transactions and numerous day-to-day land management ‎operational issues. Greg represents a broad range of clients, including timber investment ‎management organizations, industrial and small woodlands timberland owners, ‎lenders, land trusts and other non-profit organizations.

Dave Hepler joined Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt in 2003, focusing his practice on commercial real estate transactions. He devotes a substantial portion of his practice to representing buyers and sellers of timberlands, as well as advising timberland owners and forest product companies regarding all types of operational forest products issues. Dave also enjoys all types of commercial real estate transactions, including purchase and sale, leasing, financing, and development activities. Representing a broad array of clients — from movie theaters to lenders to restaurants to industrial land owners and operators — ensures a steady stream of interesting issues and engaging negotiations.