2023 Intermountain Forestry Cooperative (IFC) Annual Meeting

Start Date: March 21, 2023
Location: Moscow, ID

43rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Intermountain Forestry Cooperative

7:30   Registration – Check-in

8:00   Welcome and Housekeeping Items

8:05   PPDM Update: Site and stand effects on conifer species growth and mortality following stand density manipulation Mark Kimsey, IFC

8:45   PPDM Update: FVS thinning projections vs observed growth trajectories following stand density manipulationAnn Abbott, IFC

9:45   Coffee Break + Discussion

10:00  RGT Update:1st yr woods run vs improved seed project status report Mark Kimsey and Taylor Lantz, IFC

10:30   NMS Update: Whole tree vs bole only effects on nutrition and growth – 10 yr Report – Terry Shaw, IFC

11:00   Member Project Discussion Period

11:30   Lunch (on your own)

1:00   James Moore Keynote Address: Precision forestry initiative at the University of Idaho – Bruce Ripley, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho

1:30   Democratizing precision forestry – a collaboration between Oregon State University, University of Idaho and USFS-RMRS – Wade Tinkham, USFS-RMRS

2:00   Research Spotlight: Automating the fusion of multiple sparse lidar point clouds Onni Pohjavirta, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute and Xinlian Liang, Wuhan University

2:30   Discussion + Refreshment Break

3:00   Defining and identifying site trees from varying pulse density lidarNoel Daugherty, IFC CAFS Scholar

3:30  Site-stand dynamics and pine beetle mortality in ponderosa pine ecosystems – implications for density management – Haley Anderson, IFC

4:00   IFC Online Research Tools for Members – Mark Kimsey, IFC

4:20   Meeting wrap-up

About the Conference
The IFC annual technical meeting will be held at the University Inn Best Western in Moscow, ID on March 21st. Presentations will address research on nutrient and density management and woods run vs improved seed performance across an array of forest productivities. New precision forestry initiatives at the University of Idaho and within the IFC will be presented.

The morning session will provide IFC updates and is open to IFC members only. The afternoon session will be open to the public. Please review member organization list below or on the registration page to select session(s).

For IFC Steering Committee members only, the IFC business meeting will be held at the UIBW the morning of March 22nd.

For those unable to travel, technical and business meetings will be streamed live over Zoom. Zoom links will be provided upon registration.

IFC Member Organizations:
  • Bennett Lumber Products
  • Manulife Investment Management
  • Idaho Department of Lands
  • Idaho Forest Group
  • Inland Empire Paper
  • New Forests
  • Molpus Woodlands Group
  • PotlatchDeltic Corporation
  • Stimson Lumber Company
  • University of Idaho
  • USFS Region 6
  • Washington Department of Natural Resources