2022 Operational Lidar Inventory (OLI) Meeting

Start Date: April 6, 2022
Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting

8:30        Welcome / Intro – Jacob Strunk, USFS, FIA

8:45        Current status and application of airborne lidar in Canadian forest inventory programsPiotr Tompalski, Canadian Forest Service

9:15        Individual tree detection and characterization using high-density UAS lidar dataBob McGaughey, USFS, PNW

9:45        Break / Optional Breakout

10:00     A fast algorithm for estimation of stem dimensions, lean and sweep irrespective the position of the treeBogdan Strimbu, OSU

10:30     FVS Growth Projections from Lidar kNN InventoryJacob Strunk, USFS, FIA

11:00     Multi-year Photogrammetric Point Cloud QA ApproachesJonathan Kane, UW, PFC

11:30     Exploring the innovation potential of single photon lidar for large area forest inventoriesJoanne White, Canadian Forest Service

12:00     Lunch Break / Optional Discussion Session: Mike Parlow and Cam Brown, ForSite, Individual Tree and Area-Based Tradeoffs with a 15 min presentation on “LiDAR and Satellite for Species Identification

12:30     Integrating imagery into the lidar classification workflowAndrew Brenner, QSI

1:00     Assessment of individual tree detection algorithms from Lidar  – Aaron Sparks, Univ. of  Idaho

1:30     Remote Sensing Forest Inventory Modeling Database, DAP Project – Andrew Cooke, Univ. of WA

2:00     Vegetation structure model updates from the Forest Service Pacific Northwest RegionKarin Wolken, USFS, R6

2:30     Break / Optional Breakout

3:00     TLS data to estimate aboveground biomass of open-grown urban and rural forest treesGeorgios Areseniou et.al., Mich. State U.

3:30     Improving site index resolution with Lidar and satellite imagery to refine growth model predictions  – Tom Baribault, Mason, Bruce & Girard

4:00     Coarse woody debris detection on the Malheur National Forest using airborne laser scanning  – Laura Dempsey, N. Carolina St. Univ.

4:30     Specifying geospatial data product characteristics for forest and fuel management applicationsArjan Meddens, WA State University

5:00     Adjourn

About the Conference
The Operational Lidar Inventory (OLI) virtual meeting will be April 6th, 2022 from 9 – 5 pm, PDT. The meeting is focused on operational and near-operational remote sensing technologies in forest inventory and monitoring. Use the form below if there is a topic that you would like to share at the meeting.

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