2021 Forest and Conservation Nursery Technology Webinar Series

Start Date: August 4, 2021
Location: Webinar

A series of webinars will be held Wednesdays, August 4 through September 8, 2021, 11 – Noon (Pacific Daylight Time).

Expert Nursery Operations Panel Discussion Regarding Strategies Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Worked, What Didn’t Work, and Looking Towards the Future

  • Iola Elder, Sylvan Vale Nursery, Black Creek, BC
  • Gina Sowders, Tennessee Division of Forestry, East Tennessee State Nursery, Athens, TN
  • Paul Elias, IFA Nurseries, Klamath Nursery, Klamath Falls, OR
  • Tom Stevens, Weyerhaeuser Company, Rochester Nursery, Rochester, WA
  • Aram Eramian, USDA Forest Service, Coeur d’Alene Nursery, Coeur d’Alene, ID


Back to Basics: Water Management to Meet Seedling Targets

  • Jeremy Pinto, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Moscow, ID


New and Innovative Nursery Technologies

  • Mike Taylor, The Green Machine Nursery, Winter Garden, FL


Approaches for Assisted Migration

  • Carrie Pike, USDA Forest Service, Region 9, West Lafayette, IN
  • Vicky Erickson, USDA Forest Service, Region 6, Pendleton, OR


Expert Panel Discussion: Benefits and Drawbacks of Hot Planting, Summer Planting, and Fall Planting

  • Nabil Khadduri, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Webster Nursery, Olympia, WA
  • Rick Allen, Starker Forests, Corvallis, OR
  • Owen Burney, J.T. Harrington Forestry Research Center, New Mexico State University, Mora, NM
  • T.R. Clark, F&W Forestry Services, Inc., LaFayette, AL


Turning Valves on the Reforestation Pipeline

  • Kas Dumroese, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Moscow, ID
  • Diane Haase, USDA Forest Service, Westwide Regions, Portland, OR

Each webinar will last approximately one hour and include a Q&A session.

Registration is free, but attendees must register to receive the zoom link.

About the Conference
Webinars will be held Wednesdays in August and the beginning of September and will last approximately one hour, including a Q&A session. There is NO fee to participate, but all attendees must register to receive the zoom link for the weekly webinar.