2020 Western Region COFE Seminar – Improving Forest Harvesting Operations

Start Date: January 9, 2020
Location: Lebanon, OR

Click on any of the green presentation titles below to see a PDF of the presentation.

8:15 am   Introduction to WR.COFE & SeminarJeff Wimer, Chair, WR.COFE & OSU FERM Department

8:30 am   Utility PolesGreg Roberson, McFarland Cascade

9:00 am   Drones for Road Change – A Users PerspectiveGreg Schmitz, Schmitz Timber Management

9:30 am   50 years in the Logging Business – A Logger’s PerspectiveBobby King, RR King Logging

10:00 am   Peterson Cat Update

10:10 am   BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

10:40 am   Pape’ Machinery Update

10:50 am   Logging Safely Around High Voltage Facilities Walter Bashor (BPA), TFEF-ALVEY – Bonneville Power

11:20 am   Continuous Bridle Multi-stump Anchors and Live Tethers Interacting with Rub Trees; Some Unexpected Results – Kevin Lyons, Oregon State University

11:50 am  Modern Machinery Update

12:00 pm   LUNCH (Provided)

12:50 pm   ANNOUNCEMENTS – Ticket Raffle and OSU Student Scholarship Awards – Jerry Sedlak Memorial Scholarship

1:20 pm   Blount International update

1:30 pm   OSO LandslideGunnar Schlieder, GeoScience

2:25 pm   BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

2:45 pm   Decommissioning Roads Overall strategyAmanda Warnerthorpe, USDA Forest Service

3:15 pm   Waste Area – Water ImpactsGunnar Schlieder, GeoScience

3:45 pm    Wrap-Up and EvaluationJeff Wimer

4:00 pm    Adjourn

About the Conference
WR.COFE is a regional chapter (western United States and British Columbia) of the COUNCIL ON FOREST ENGINEERING (COFE). COFE is an international professional organization formed to foster the development of forest engineering in industry, government, and education in order to promote the best methods of managing and operating forests, both private and public. COFE serves the forestry profession by disseminating technical information about forest engineering. For more information, see the COFE website at: www.cofe.org.

The 2020 Western Region COFE Seminar will be held at the Best Western Premier Boulder Falls Inn, 505 Mullins Dr, Lebanon, OR 97355.