2019 Western Region COFE Seminar – Improving Forest Harvesting Operations

Start Date: January 17, 2019
Location: Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR


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8:15   Introduction to WR.COFE & SeminarJeff Wimer, Chair, WR.COFE & Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Dept., College of Forestry, Oregon State University

SESSION 1: Logging – Steep Slope

8:30   Tethered Cut-to-length in Western Oregon: A Multi-objective Case StudyPreston Green, Graduate Student, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Dept., College of Forestry, Oregon State University

9:00   Tethered logging in Southwest Oregon: A Research PerspectiveWoody Chung, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Dept., College of Forestry, Oregon State University

9:30   Tethered Logging in Southwest Oregon: A Landowner PerspectiveBrennan Garrelts, Lone Rock

10:00   Peterson Cat update

10:10   BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

10:40   Pape’ Machinery Update

10:50   Grapple Yarding Through the YearsAustin Weber, Weber Logging and Construction Inc.

SESSION 2: Workforce Issues

11:20 Planning the 2020 Workforce: Growing Our Forest Contract CapacityRex Storm, Associated Oregon Loggers

11:50   Triad Machinery Update

12:00   LUNCH (Provided)

12:40   ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ticket Raffle, OSU Student Scholarship Awards – Jerry Sedlak Memorial Scholarship

13:10   Blount International Update

SESSION 3: New Technology

13:50   Modern Machinery Update

14:00   BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

14:20   Fire Fighting on Federal LandMike Robinson, Coos Forest Protective Association

SESSION 4: Technological Innovation in Forestry

14:50   Computer Vision for Real-Time Tree Detection and MeasurementWoody Chung

SESSION 5: Roads

15:20   Rock EconomicsScott Hoffine, Roseburg

15:50   Road Construction in Forest Activities: The Safety Issues Related to Road ConstructionLarry Fipps, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration

16:20   Wrap-Up and EvaluationJeff Wimer

About the Conference
WR.COFE is a regional chapter (western United States and British Columbia) of the COUNCIL ON FOREST ENGINEERING (COFE).  COFE is an international professional organization formed to foster the development of forest engineering in industry, government, and education in order to promote the best methods of managing and operating forests, both private and public.  COFE serves the forestry profession by disseminating technical information about forest engineering.  For more information, see the COFE website at: www.cofe.org

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