2018 Western Region COFE Seminar – Improving Forest Harvesting Operations

Start Date: January 18, 2018
Location: Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR


0815 – 0830Introduction to WR.COFE & SeminarJeff Wimer, Chair, WR.COFE & Oregon State University FERM Department

SESSION 1: Forestry Drones

0830-0900Drones for Assistance in Cable Logging OperationsMark Standley (Invited), LogSafe Inc.

0900 – 0930Applications of UAV in Forest Monitoring: a Regeneration Survey Case and an Ice Damage CaseBogdan Strimbu, Oregon State University

SESSION 2: Tether Assist and Ground/Soil Impacts

0930 – 1000Mobility of Tethered Equipment on Steep Slopes: Soil-Machine InteractionsBen Leschinsky, Oregon State University

1000 – 1010Triad Machinery Update

1010 – 1040   BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

1040 – 1050Pape’ Machinery Update

1050 – 1120CTL Thinning on Steep Ground with Ecoforst T-WinchTerry Mann, L&L Inc.

1120 – 1150Large Scale Integrated Management Experiment on the Olympic Experimental State Forest – Opportunities for Operational ResearchTedora Minkova, WA Dept. of Natural Resources

1150 – 1200Peterson Cat update

1200 – 1240   LUNCH (Provided)

1240 – 1310ANNOUNCEMENTS, Ticket Raffle, OSU Student Scholarship Awards – Jerry Sedlak Memorial Scholarship

1310 – 1320Blount International update

SESSION 3: Road and Water

1320 – 1350Alternative Techniques for Stabilizing Legacy Roads with Access ChallengesJill Bell and Susan Shaw, Weyerhaeuser

1350 – 1400Modern Machinery Update

1400 – 1420   BREAK (Refreshments Provided)

1420 – 1450Suspended Sediment and Turbidity After Road Construction/Improvement and Forest Harvest in Streams of the Trask River Watershed Study, OregonIvan Arismendi, Oregon State University

1450 – 1520Re-engineering/Reconstruction of Railcars for Forest OperationsKen Hoffine and Wes Addington, Lone Rock Timber

SESSION 4: Technological Innovation in Forestry

1520 – 1550Show me the MoneyDavid Smith, OSU Courtesy Faculty

1550 – 1620After the FireDon Persyn, Roseburg Forest

1620 – 1630Wrap-Up and EvaluationJeff Wimer

About the Conference
WR.COFE is a regional chapter (western United States and British Columbia) of the COUNCIL ON FOREST ENGINEERING (COFE).  COFE is an international professional organization formed to foster the development of forest engineering in industry, government, and education in order to promote the best methods of managing and operating forests, both private and public.  COFE serves the forestry profession by disseminating technical information about forest engineering.  For more information, see the COFE website at: www.cofe.org