Container Tree Manuals

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USDA Forest Service, Agricultural Handbook 674
Thomas Landis, Richard, Tinus, Stephen McDonald and James Barnett


Volume 1 - Nursery Planning, Development and Mgmt.
Volume 1 – Nursery Planning, Development and Management
(out of print, only available on CD)
The authors provide information and guidance on how to start a container tree nursery. How does one build a nursery from scratch and equip it? What are the processes involved in growing container seedlings? How does one manage the process and the people?
Container Tree Manual Volume 2 Volume 2 – Containers and Growing Media
The authors describe the variety of containers and growing media available and help the nursery manager choose the right combinations for their operations.
Container Tree Manual Volume 3 Volume 3 – Atmospheric Environment
The authors discuss the four atmospheric factors of the container nursery environment-temperature, humidity, light and carbon dioxide – which directly control the growth rate of a crop of tree seedlings. Although they are discussed separately, these four factors must always be considered together because they interact with each other in controlling growth. The other two important factors in growth – water and minerals – are discussed in Volume 4 of the Container Tree Nursery manuals.
Container Tree Manual Volumn 4 Volume 4 – Seedling Nutrition and Irrigation
The importance of mineral nutrition and water on both the quality and quantity of growth of container tree seedlings cannot be overemphasized.
Probably more than any other cultural practice, fertilization and irrigation control both the rate and
type of growth in seedlings.
Container Tree Manual Volume 5 Volume 5 – The Biological Component: Nursery Pests and Mycorrhizae
(out of print, only available on CD)

Diseases and pest are a continuing source of concern to managers of container tee seedling nurseries, and successful managers are aware of the various factors that can harm their crops. This volume helps nursery managers identify and manage for diseases and pests.
Container Tree Manual Volume 6 Volume 6 – Seedling Propagation

The authors review the sequence or processes and operations used to propagate container seedlings.
Successful nursery management begins with planning and crop planning is one of the most important, yet often neglected, aspects of seedling culture.

Container Tree Manual Volume 7 Volume 7 – Seedling Processing, Storage, and Outplanting
The nursery manuals cover the normal sequence of nursery development, seedling propagation and outplanting. Volume seven covers the period from the when the crop is hardened-off and ready for harvest to when they go into the ground. The manual begins with an assessment of seedling quality and the decision to harvest and package for storage. The next chapter covers short and long-term seedling storage and monitoring of seedling quality during storage. Recommendations are provided for handling and shipping after storage. The final chapter covers outplanting, onsite handling and storage, planting techniques and monitoring outplanting performance.