Container Tree Manual – Volume 5

Container Tree Manual Volume 5

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Volume 5 – The Biological Component: Nursery Pests and Mycorrhizae
(out of print, only available on CD)
USDA Forest Service, Agricultural Handbook 674. 1999
Thomas Landis, Richard Tinus, Stephen McDonald and James Barnett

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Disease and Pest Management

Pages 4-94

  • Introduction
  • Diagnosis of Diseases and Pest Problems
  • Diseases and Pests of Seeds and Germinants
  • Diseases and Pests of Seedling Root Systems
  • Diseases and Pests of Seedling Shoots and Foliage
  • Diseases and Pest Problems During Seedling Storage
  • Diseases andPest Management Strategies
  • Pesticide Use
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References
Chapter 2 – Mycorrhizae

Pages 103-160

  • Introduction
  • Current Status of Mycorrhizae in Container Nurseries
  • How to Check Seedlings for Mycorrhizae
  • Mycorrhizae Fungi That Fruit in Container Nurseries
  • Determining the Need for Mycorrhizae Inoculation
  • Sources of Inoculum and Inoculation Techniques
  • Evaluating Inoculation Success
  • Factors Affecting Mycorrhizae Development
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References

Index of Common and Scientific Names,
Pages 161-168