Container Tree Manual – Volume 4

Container Tree Manual Volume 4

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Volume 4 – Seedling Nutrition and Irrigation
The importance of mineral nutrition and water on both the quality and quantity of growth of container tree seedlings cannot be overemphasized. Probably more than any other cultural practice, fertilization and irrigation control both the rate and type of growth in container seedlings.
USDA Forest Service, Agricultural Handbook 674. 1994
Thomas Landis, Richard Tinus, Stephen McDonald and James Barnett

Table of Contents
Chapter 1-Mineral Nutrients and Fertilization

Pages 1-70

  • Essential Mineral Nutrients
  • Mineral Nutrients and Seedling Growth
  • Physical and Chemical Factors Affecting Nutrient Availability
  • Characteristics of Fertilizers Used in Container Tree Seedling Nurseries
  • Determining Fertilizer Needs
  • Methods of Fertilizing Container Seedlings
  • Formulation of Liquid Fertilizer Solutions
  • Applying and Scheduling Liquid Fertilizer Solutions
  • Monitoring Container Seedling Nutrition
  • Effects of Heavy Fertilizer Use in Container Tree Seedling Nurseries
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References
Chapter 2 – Irrigation and Water Management

Pages 71-118

  • The Importance of Water in Seedling Culture
  • The Water Status of Container Tree Seedlings
  • Factors Affecting Water Availability in Containers
  • Quantity and Quality of Irrigation Water
  • Types of Irrigation Systems
  • Monitoring Water in Containers-Determining When to Irrigate
  • Irrigation as a Cultural Treatment – Determining How Much to Irrigate
  • The Problems of Irrigation Wastewater Disposal
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References

Index of Common and Scientific Names, Page 119