Seventh Western Native Plant Conference

Start Date: December 6, 2016
Location: Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, WA

Tuesday, December 6 – Pre-conference field tour

Field tour weather could be cool and rainy; participants should bring sturdy, waterproof walking shoes and clothing suitable for cold, wet, or muddy conditions.

9:00 Load buses and depart from the Heathman Lodge

4:00 Arrive back at hotel

The field tour will consist of 3 to 4 stops in Clark County to view wetland mitigation sites. These sites include varying strategies to restore and rehabilitate wetland complexes including ditching, draining, log jams, and native plant revegetation. The tour may also include a visit to see restoration projects at a nearby wildlife refuge. Transportation and lunch are included.

Wednesday, December 7


9:00 Welcome and Introductions – Diane Haase, Western Nursery Specialist, USDA Forest Service, Portland, OR

9:10 The Art, Science, and Humility of RestorationLee Riley, USDA Forest Service Dorena Genetic Resources Center, Cottage Grove, OR and Lynda Moore, USDA Forest Service, Deschutes National Forest, Bend, OR

9:45 Novel Seed Treatments to Reduce the Risk of Post-fire Seeding FailureMatt Madsen, Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

10:20 BREAK

10:50 The Go Native Project at Bandon High SchoolDarcy Grahek, Bandon, OR

11:25 Chemistry Experiential Learning through Native PlantsMark Wolfenden, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho, McCall, ID

12:00 LUNCH

1:15 Need Habitat Restoration for Pollinators, Monarchs, and Sage-Grouse? Forbs are the Answer Kas Dumroese, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Moscow, ID

1:50 Revegetation with an Emphasis on Pollinator Conservation:  Resources for PractitionersLynda Moore, USDA Forest Service, Sandy, OR and Matt Horning, USDA Forest Service, Deschutes National Forest, Bend, OR

2:25 Using Native Plants to Create Pollinator Habitat: Lessons Learned and New PerspectivesTom Landis, Native Plant Nursery Consulting, Medford, OR

3:00 BREAK

3:30 Advances in Using Biochar as a Media AmendmentClarice Matt, Botanist, Plains, MT

4:05 Early Results from the Oxbow Center Native Plant Research ProgramAnthony Davis, College of Forestry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


Thursday, December 8


8:15 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly… Novel IPM Strategies for Bugs in the NurseryMargaret Skinner, Entomology Research Laboratory, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

8:50 Phytophthora Diseases in Native Plant Production – Why Should I Care and What Can I Do About It? Marianne Elliott, College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences, Washington State University, Puyallup, WA and Jennifer Parke, Oregon State University, Dept. of Crop and Soil Science & Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology, Corvallis, OR

9:25 The Ecology and Management of Plant Invasions: The Role of RestorationDean Pearson, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula, MT

10:00 BREAK

10:30 Effects of Logging Debris and Herbicide Treatments on Plant Community Development after Forest Harvesting  – Cancelled

11:05 Roadside Management of Cheatgrass and Medusahead with Tygh Valley Milkvetch, a Rare PlantCarolyn Menke, Institute for Applied Ecology, Corvallis, OR

11:40 What’s Wrong with Worms?Clay Antieau, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle, WA

12:15 LUNCH

1:30 A Site for Sori: Growing Locally Adapted Ferns from Spores for Restoration Haley Smith, USDA Forest Service Dorena Genetic Resources Center, Cottage Grove, OR

2:05 Keeping it Real: Strategies to maintain wildness in agriculturally increased native seedSierra Smith, Center for Natural Lands Management, Olympia, WA

2:40 A new mobile app for off-line use of provisional seed zones for native plants Andrew Bower, USDA Forest Service, Olympia, WA

(NOTE: Following this presentation, there will be a hands-on demo of this app for those who would like to stay and learn more about it.)


About the Conference
The conference will be held at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA. The Heathman is located at 7801 NE Greenwood Dr. Take SR-500 East off I-5 in Vancouver, WA. Exit at NE Thurston Way and go north to NE Parkway DR. Turn left on Parkway and the Lodge is on the left. The Heathman can be viewed at:
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