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The Northwest Seed Orchard Managers Association (NWSOMA) was founded in 1980 by a small group of orchardists who perceived a common need for a regional organization to:

Since then, this “grassroots” organization has steadily grown in size and influence, reflecting the importance of forest seed orchard programs in the Pacific Northwest. The members represent public and privately owned seed production facilities as well as organizations that provide guidance and technical support. NWSOMA provides a setting for orchardists to share mutual experience and learn from entomologists and other technical specialists. It also enables orchardists to share perspectives with forest geneticists, who provide the ultimate guidance for seed production, forest gene conservation, and research and development efforts.

NWSOMA is a non-profit organization that operates solely through the volunteer efforts of its members and elected officers. As such, it remains a grassroots organization. Meetings are held in annually, in a format allowing indoor presentations, field tours, and networking opportunities.

NWSOMA officers for 2009 were:

Chairman: Jeff DeBell – Washington DNR
Vice-Chairman: Don Wright – Oregon Department of Forestry
Secretary/Treasurer: Dawn Sleight – Oregon Department of Forestry

There are no formal requirements for NWSOMA membership (no dues are assessed); participation in meetings generally connotes member status.